Our Philosophy

“People are always drawn to something when there’s a story behind it.   While there seems to be new apps and technology almost daily that make events more creative, unique, and highly stylized, the concern is that the story behind it at times gets lost to the spectacle.   So the challenge then is to create an event engaging enough to have guests get out from behind their mobile screens, be in the moment, and discover the story.”   -   Adrienne Levey Johnson,   BizBash Magazine,   January 2016

Relationships Matter

Today's events are easier for you than ever when you partner with one of the most trusted and respected names in the industry.   We have been there countless times in the past and will be there tomorrow fulfilling your needs.   Spellbound will be with you the entire journey beginning with pre-event planning through post-event analysis.

We assist with your permits, venues and vendors.   We oversee all aspects of management, marketing and production.  With Spellbound you always have personal assistance from a company principal.   You are never shuffled off on an associate because we know relationships matter.

Tomorrow's Technology Today

Since 1999 Spellbound has been on the front line of advances in event technology.   Everything we do is available to you online.   There is no carrying stacks of paper for check-ins, room arrangements or vendor information.

Whether you are planning an event at a national political convention, an exclusive gala or a more intimate gathering we have you covered.   Electronic innovation is here for you now.

Branding As It Should Be

Everything we do is made especially for you.   Your logos, artwork and slogans dominate your invitations, flyers and event collateral.   Spellbound never forces you into a prefab, pre-constructed persona.   We work with you side by side to create the image you desire.

Tickets Now

Whether you want your event open to all or carefully restricted to invitees only Spellbound meets your event requirements.   You have control of ticket levels and pricing as well as numbers sold to groups or individuals.

All of our online tickets are printable for scanning at check-in.   The day of long lines due to searching for attendee names is past.   Everything moves smoothly to create your best first impression at your event.

Safety And Security

From your credit card transactions to your event venue rest assured that you are covered.   Spellbound has never had a security breakdown in our history.   At events we have experience working with not only private security firms but also the United States Capitol Police and the Secret Service.

Reports That Meet Your Expectations

You get whatever reporting you want completed as you like.   Spellbound delivers figures you want at any time from mailings to RSVPs to check-ins and no shows.   You receive data on your attendees as sparse or as detailed as you desire.   Post-event reporting is inclusive and detailed with full analysis.

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